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Clayton Felton was born and raised in Waco, TX.  He comes from a multi-generation ranching and real estate family.  After attending Southwest Texas State University and majoring in Agriculture, Clayton followed in his families’ footsteps.  In 2002,  he became the ranch manager for Felton Ranch Partnerships and in 2014, he became a licensed real estate agent and partner in the ranch business.  He has overseen the daily operations of over 20,000 acres and has extensive experience with livestock, farming, hunting, fishing, and mineral, aggregate and landowner rights.  This comprehensive and first-hand knowledge give him a unique expertise to represent both buyers and sellers of any type of property.  Clayton is Married to Jenn Felton who is also a licensed real estate agent and they have 2 sons, Conlee and Tucker.

License: Real Estate Agent in the State of Texas