The historic landmark is ready to start a new chapter

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Turner Brothers is excited to share that the Waco Hippodrome Theatre is on the market. As a vibrant entertainment venue with a rich history of music culture, we want to ensure its future is in the right hands. The Hippodrome’s role as a beloved cultural icon is something we take very seriously. We will be sad to see it go but will strive to ensure it ends up with the best possible buyer to carry on a legacy of community.


Located in the heart of Waco, its proximity to popular attractions like Magnolia Market at the Silos and Hotel 1928 makes it an attractive option for tourists and locals alike. The venue holds historical significance, having opened in 1914 as a vaudeville theater. Since its establishment, it has hosted live seals, endured and survived a fire, and welcomed the likes of Elvis Presley and John Wayne to the audience. But most importantly, it has served as a cornerstone for culture and creative expression, creating countless memories.

After acquiring the Waco Hippodrome Theatre in 2012, the Turners have continued on that same legacy. With extensive investments of time, effort, and care, they spent more than ten years revitalizing the venue. By building 3 luxury dine-in theaters and an event space with panoramic downtown views, our team worked to establish a whole new identity for this landmark.


Now, the historic Hippodrome boasts over 30,000 sq ft across 3 stories, offering retail, dining, and entertainment. It features one of Waco’s first rooftop bars, Tandem, perched atop the building, with the chic Maria Mezcaleria anchoring the ground floor. The property offers a variety of spaces for events, from birthday parties to comedy shows. Everything from opportunities for private filmmakers to family-friendly movie nights to film festivals and even student productions is on the table for the iconic venue.

Despite the sale, operations will continue as usual. The Hippodrome will remain a hub for events and culture going forward, but we are taking the space in a new direction by expanding Maria Mezcaleria and transforming the theaters into attractive retail spaces.

Though this has been a project close to our roots and our hearts, it’s time to pass on the torch. We are looking for a buyer with deeper ties to the music or entertainment industry to take the beloved venue to the next level in the near future.

If you would like to submit a serious inquiry, please reach out HERE or give us a call at (254)759-8027.

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